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Cookie Scoops

Cookie Scoops come in 3 main sizes: small (2 teaspoons), medium (1 ½ tablespoons), and large (3 tablespoons). These scoops are fabulous tools that make anything normally scooped with a spoon faster and easier! Most are dishwasher-safe and some come with comfortable rubber handles. They are an inexpensive way to make your favorite recipes turn out even better!

Small Cookie Scoop

This small scoop is great for making the perfect two-inch cookie but that is not all! This scoop makes Three Cheese Stuffed Shells so much easier and less messy. Just two scoops of the cheese mixture fills the shells perfectly. Another recipe where this scoop comes in handy is for Chocolate Covered Peanuts. This candy can be whipped out in no time using this handy little scoop and again, no mess! Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies are much easier with this scoop. One scoop of the dough is the perfect amount when making these cookies and the back of the scoop works for making the impression to hold the raspberry jam. This versatile little scoop is also great for putting on the finishing touches, like making a restaurant-style mound of butter or small, dainty scoops of ice cream. It truly is a tool that you will use!

Medium Cookie Scoop

The medium scoop is one step up from the small scoop. This scoop is definitely the best one for making cookies! The cookies made with this scoop are larger and thus, usually a little more soft. **Old-Fashioned Chocolate Chip Cookies** turn out perfectly every time!

Large Cookie Scoop

The large scoop is a favorite when making muffins or cupcakes. Blueberry Muffins are easy and mess-free when using this scoop. In addition, all your cupcakes will turn out the same size thanks to this scoop! Of course, this scoop can also be used to make cookies. Combine these large cookies with the perfect scoop of ice cream (using this scoop of course!) and you have a professional dessert! Easy Pancakes don't get any easier than by using this scoop! Nice, uniform pancakes that cook evenly! The kids will love them.

This scoops rate high on the “Worth Your Money” scale!

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