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Are you tired of deciding what to cook for dinner? Frustrated with needing to stop at the store every day?

EverydayMeals is the answer. Allow us to do your meal planning and shopping lists for you. Everyday Meals will give you menus you and your family will enjoy. You can even add as much personal touch as you wish by including your own recipes.

EverydayMeals will create a meal plan for you each week. You can view the meal plan anytime you like, even a month in advance. If it all sounds good, just print it out and start cooking. Not quite what you had in mind? Change as many as you like and still have a complete shopping list with the click of a button! You can even enter your own recipes and include your family favorites in your meal plan! We give you the flexibility to customize your menu to suit your family.

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EverydayMeals knows each family is different, right down to the times that you like to shop. That is why we don't limit you to a one-week view of your meal plan. With Everyday Meals, you can make custom shopping lists for times that you shop, from days to weeks. Need to run to the store and only want to pick up what you need for tonight's meal? In just a few minutes, you can have your shopping list and be out the door.

EverydayMeals knows how busy you are caring for your family. We can save you time and money by giving you menus your family will enjoy and a complete shopping list to save you those extra trips to the store.

We want to ease the planning of feeding your family.

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